O365 – FYI

O365 – FYI

Free/Busy will not work in Exchange Hybrid environment unless 1 of the below is true:

1) AutoD is configured and working

2) Exchange Server are same version. For ex. onprem Exchange 2010 SP3 and O365 Wave 15 (Exchange 2013) will NOT work. You can only implement a TargetSharingEpr with Exchange server matching versions onprem & O365.

Error “StalledDueToMailboxLock” when moving mailboxes to #Office365 in hybrid configuration

Error “StalledDueToMailboxLock” when moving mailboxes to #Office365 in hybrid configuration

Found this link on twitter as I follow Exchange Server Pro@ExchServPro (great tips and articles always) who got it (via @mvanhorenbeeck) . I got this same error twice but when I did a move to O365 and used the ‘Suspend When Ready to Complete’ switch. Good information and suggestions in this article. Kudos and Thanks!!!