Learn PowerShell!!! Great article by Tim Bolton

Learn PowerShell!!! Great article by Tim Bolton

Yet another great illustration of why PowerShell isn’t a luxury but a necessity for today’s sys admin. It’s funny to me how many admins still balk at this idea and refuse to learn PowerShell. The argument ‘I am a windows admin because i can do my job from a Gui’ is obsolete and doesn’t fly nowadays. We all get asked to perform many tasks in a short period of time. PowerShell is often(99.99%) the quickest solution to perform these tasks aka ‘Your Job’.

Federated Authentication Illustrated: The story of an unwise foreign tourist

Excellent analogy for ADFS, Kudos to Dmitry

Lost and Found Identity


In an attempt to illustrate how federation relationship between Office 365 and on-premise directory  works, I wanted to put together a “real-life” story that doesn’t involve any IT terminilogy. Let us follow this analogy to explain what is happening during the federated authentication process. At the end of each chapter, I will add a “translation” section that will convert this vaudeville into IT language. So here it goes:

Story of an unwise foreign tourist

Narrator: It was a dark and stormy night. The place was Moscow, Russia. The Universe was… alternative…


Narrator: In a smoky Moscow bar, one man whose name was Dmitry, has just heard of a place full of marvel. That place was Little Rock, AR. Without any hesitation, Dmitry decided to fly to distant Little Rock, to see it for himself. Little did he know that he was about to embark on a worldwide journey.

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