Cool Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blog

Cool Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blog

Found this site (on lunch break) and enjoyed the little bit i’ve read so far. As anyone who has done brazilian jiu jitsu knows it can become very consuming quickly. Nice work Adam look forward to reading your future posts!!!

2 thoughts on “Cool Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blog

  1. Thanks for the link, Bobby! The site is new but I have lots of content planned!

    Just a quick question – how did you come across the page? Sherdog/Reddit/Stumbleupon/Facebook/Google?

    • Hi Adam, found it on twitter. i follow Robert Drysdale and saw his retweet. As a year + blue belt i’m continuously looking for blogs etc on other people’s BJJ journey and the different experiences. Nice Blogging look forward to reading more!

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