ExtraHop lands in Gartner’s 2017 NPMD Magic Quadrant

Gartner just placed ExtraHop furthest right for completeness of vision in this year’s Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) Magic Quadrant

Follow link and read the MQ and Critical Capabilities report!!!


Setting Proxy Server through Exchange Management Shell

Recently, Free/Busy wasn’t working for onpremises users to Exchange Online users. Everything appeared correct and there were no glaring 4001 errors for Availability Service etc. Countless hours reviewing network settings, organizational relationship settings, exchange applications logs and everybody’s favorite outlook logging yielded not much. The proxy server for every CAS server was set through the operating system when the servers were built. I discounted this being the issue as the proxy was set through the operating system and that’s all I needed. After further troubleshooting and aggravation yielded nothing I decided to set the proxy through the Exchange Management Shell ‘Set-ExchangeServer servername -InternetWebProxy proxy server address:port’ on every CAS server not just the hybrid servers. Free/Busy instantly started working for onpremises users trying to view Exchange Online users Free/Busy.

O365 – FYI

O365 – FYI

Free/Busy will not work in Exchange Hybrid environment unless 1 of the below is true:

1) AutoD is configured and working

2) Exchange Server are same version. For ex. onprem Exchange 2010 SP3 and O365 Wave 15 (Exchange 2013) will NOT work. You can only implement a TargetSharingEpr with Exchange server matching versions onprem & O365.

Error “StalledDueToMailboxLock” when moving mailboxes to #Office365 in hybrid configuration

Error “StalledDueToMailboxLock” when moving mailboxes to #Office365 in hybrid configuration

Found this link on twitter as I follow Exchange Server Pro@ExchServPro (great tips and articles always) who got it (via @mvanhorenbeeck) . I got this same error twice but when I did a move to O365 and used the ‘Suspend When Ready to Complete’ switch. Good information and suggestions in this article. Kudos and Thanks!!!